Brief 1: Poster

Client: Australian Government
Product: Tap water
Target: Australians 18+
Single-minded proposition: Tap water is the best thing you can drink.

Brief 2: Outdoor

Client: Toyota
Product: HiLux Ute
Target: Tradies. Predominantly male, aged between 20-50
Single-minded proposition: The toughest ute out there.

Brief 3: Print

Client: Kleenex
Product: Kleenex Aloe Vera tissues
Target: People of all ages with runny noses, colds and flu.
Single-minded proposition: The most soothing tissue.

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Brief 4: Radio

Client: Electrolux
Product: Electrolux UltraSilencer EL6986A Canister Vacuum
Target: Vacuum users, 25 – 60, have had their current vacuum for 5 years, probably bought a slightly cheaper brand without realizing just how much of a difference a good vacuum cleaner could make.
Single-minded proposition: The quietest vacuum cleaner.

Brief 5: TV

Client: iinet
Product: Unlimited high speed internet
Target: Heavy internet users i.e: households with multiple devices or dependent on data hungry video streaming, online gaming etc.
Single-minded proposition: With unlimited high speed data, there’s no limit to what you can proposition.

Brief 6: Strategy

Client: You decide.
Product: You decide.
Target: You decide.
Single-minded proposition: You decide.

Brief 7: Integrated

Client: Australian Made
Product: Australian Made Products
Target: All Australians over 25 years.
Single-minded proposition: Buy Australian to support Australians.

Brief 8: Digital

Client: Scoot Airlines
Product: Low cost flights
Target: We’re talking to young travel-hungry people (students and backpackers) under the age of thirty 30. Their wanderlust levels are off the scale and all they want to do is jet off on new adventures every couple of months, even if they can’t afford to do it well.
Single-minded proposition: See the world on your budget.

Brief 9: Experiential/PR

Client: Philips
Product: Hue Lighting
Target: Home owners with an appreciation for design and technology.
Single-minded proposition: Lighting controlled by your imagination. 

Brief 10: Innovation / Content / Game Changer 

Client: Australians For Equality 
Product: Marriage Equality   
Target: Adults (skewing to being older) who are apathetic towards the issue of marriage equality in Australia. They’re not necessarily against it for moral or religious reasons – they just don’t see why marriage equality under the law is a big deal.  
Single-minded proposition: ​Marriage equality is good for Australia.

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