I have worked on a range of textiles projects over the years, was a finalist in the Rug Up 2015 exhibition at UNSW, and subsequently had my rug design produced in India and stocked in-store at Designer Rugs in Sydney.

I’ve also worked with experimental and eco-friendly textiles, such as biomaterial that’s made from a symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast (SCOBY) and natural plant dyes.

In 2020, I started the brand Tottidot, an ethically minded label, using surplus fabrics purchased from local designers and fashion houses at the end of production to produce premium hand-made goods. We help to breathe a new life into discarded fabrics that would have otherwise gone to waste, in turn helping to lower the demand of textile production by ‘fast fashion’ manufacturers.  Tottidot is driven by its commitment to sustainability and responsibility and design products with longevity in mind, breaking the consumption-driven cycle.

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