Weaving with a table loom

Earlier this week I had my first experience at weaving on a table loom. I’d only ever used a basic frame loom before so this was quite a different experience. After many failed weaving attempts on the frame, I had resigned myself to the fact that weaving just wasn’t my thing

Thankfully, I decided to come into uni on my day off for a weaving workshop with my teacher, Liz Williamson who has been weaving and exploring woven forms for many years of her illustrious textiles career. She showed us how to warp the loom (this might take some practice!) before I jumped onto an already strung up loom to start my weaving

It was quite interesting to see the speed at which one can weave on a machine like this. The thing I found frustrating about using a hand loom in the past was that it took so much time to hand weave, and to end up with such a tiny sample, however on a frame loom you can weave significantly faster – In two hours of weaving I ended up with a 40cm long sample.

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